Reference Library

The establishment of the Vrindavan Research Institute had gone to Create in 1968 by the Late Dr Ramdas Gupta. Incidentally, this was the opportunity to Vihar Panchami. It is clear that the reference genre is the need for research. There is also a reference library in the research institute for researchers and students, where books, dictionary, research management and articles, letters etc. are available on various topics. Researchers contact the reference library for the research work. First of all, the grant was collected only because the government grant economic grant was short. Slowly a few thousand books collected. Slowly the amount of government grant of the institute and the budget also increased the amount for the purchase of reference genre in the annual budget. In proportion to the grant, the budget of purchase of reference will also increase and increased the number of books and respectively, according to the context of the subjects, the number of references started to grow, which come from purchasing. There is also a meeting of time and the subjects are also determined. At present, about 15 thousand texts are available in our reference library, which is in Gujarati, Bengali Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and Marathi. Apart from this, the reference book has also come by grant of some other scholars - Former director of our institution, Naresh Chandra Bansal's Mrnagarant, his wife, Mrs. Uman Bansal gave approximately 1500 references in which there are 500 magazines. Number of magazines have grown around 1500 here, before 2010, our regular researchers used to research their scheduled topics. The dissertation of such students is also available to us whose number is 129. For the reading, there are 5 newspapers (Amar Ujala, Dainik Jagran, Hindustan, Times of India, Hindustan Times). Vaishnava Literature and Cultural Literature Cree is the abundant number in our reference library. Thus our reference library is rich. Our goal is that we can present adequate reference books to the entry researchers from universities for continuous research, which is the purpose of the Vrindavan Research Institute.


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