Dr. Ramdas Gupta often used to visit his ancestral Srinarayan Dharamshala at Loi Bazaar in Vrindavan. & nbsp; In the same Dharamshala, Vrindavan Research Institute was established on 24 November 1968 on the occasion of auspicious auspicious day of Vihar Panchami by Dr. Gupta to provide protection to the destroyed property. The institute was inaugurated by the then Union Minister Dr. Karn Singh. The aim of the Vrindavan research institute was to collect and publish the manuscript wealth that is being eroded at various sites in Vrindavan and Brij region due to lack of proper conservation and provide them with scientific protection and use them for research work. Many scholars, local devotees and saints collaborated in this sacred work and after contacting various temples, monasteries, ashrams, etc., they were made aware of the importance of these texts, as a result of which this book wealth was collected. Initially Dr. The institution continued to operate in Sri Narayana Dharamshala only with the resources earned by the Guptas. Later in the year 1984, this institute was transferred with the financial assistance of the Government of Uttar Pradesh to the present building in Dawoodi’s Bagchi, Ramanrati. Dr. Gupta’s collection of poems is published through a book called ‘Twilight Bela’. Earlier, he also edited the texts ‘Vrindavaniya Rasopasna’ and ‘Mystery Mirror’ and ‘Mystery Chandrika’, along with eminent scholar Dr. Sharanbihari Goswami of Braj, also published by the institute itself.

Hathras Daramsala

Old institute (Srinarayan Dharamshala)

Vrindavan Research Institute