Management Vrindavan Research Institute 

The Vrindavan Research Institute is managed by the Vrindavan Research Society. The Governing Council is the Chief Executive body of the Institute which has adequate representation of senior officers both from the State and Central Government, besides eminent scholars and experts drawn from universities, museums and archives in it. It exercises general powers of control and supervision over the activities of the Institute. The Director implements the decisions of the Governing Council. 

Management of VRI (Member of G/C )
Members of the Governing Council of Vrindavan Research Institute 

1.Shri Ravindra Dutt Paliwal (I.A.S) Chairmain/President (VRI/VRS) Staff Officer of Chief Secretary, U.P. Govt. Lucknow
2.Secretary ,or nominee (Ex-Officio) Ministry of Culture Government of India, NEW DELHI-110001
3Director General, or nominee (Ex-Officio) National Archives of India, NEW DELHI
4.Secretary, or nominee (Ex- Officio) Government of Uttar Pradesh, Department of Culture, LUCKNOW
5.District Magistrate, or nominee (Ex-Officio) MATHURA, U.P.
6.Director General or nominee (Ex-Officio) National Museum, NEW DELHI,
7.Director of nominee (Ex-Officio) National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Culture Property LUCKNOW-226024
8.Director, (Ex-Officio ) (Treasurer, VRI) Government Museum, MATHURA. U.P.
9.Mrs. Susheela Gupta, Hon, Secretary ,(Elected) Vrindavan Research Society, Vrindavan.
12.Shri Mahaveer Prasad Upadhyay (Elected) AGRA
10.Shri Avadh Kishore Gupta (Elected) AGRA.
11.Dr. Meena Gautam, Dy. Director (RETD. NAI), New Delhi
13.Shree S.K. Sharma, (RETD. Under Secretary, MOI), New Delhi.
14.Shree Praveen Gupta, Aligarh
15.Director, Vrindavan Research Institute VRINDAVAN-281121
Vrindavan Research Institute