Reprographics department undertakes digitization of personal collections, handwritten texts in institutions, important books, publication of institutes, decrees, pictures, wood slabs, coins, etc., by compiling the material for the use of the researchers. Is done. Many handwritten text holders do not want to donate their manuscripts to the institute for various reasons, in which case they are kept here and protected by digitization by the institute visiting their personal places. A catalog is also prepared after this work. So that the Brindavan research institute can play its important role in making the research material related to Braj culture available to the researchers.


Under the Braj Culture Survey by the institute, the temples of Braj, historical sites,  Previously prepared colorful slides of festivals, festivals, fairs, etc. are also available.  Digital of nearly seven hundred handwritten texts of personal collections by the department.  Has stored in the form. Lectures, seminars, from time to time by the department Preserves video recordings of festivals, fairs, etc. and Documentary film is prepared. Presently prepared a drawing of Holi of Braj was done. Earlier, on the fifth anniversary of Mahaprabhu Chaitanya’s arrival at Vrindavan Also organized  documentary of events Vrindavan, Delhi, Mayapur (West Bengal) Prepared.

Fellows by digitizing existing manuscripts, important printed books, edicts, coins, figurines, instruments, palm leaves and bamboo etc. in the institute collection by reprography section In addition to preserving it, the works are performed as follows. In that order, the manuscripts which are preserved digitally by the section are not preserved by the section. 

  1. External site manuscript compilation 
  2. Photography 
  3. Videography 
  4. Digitization of institute publications 
  5. Documentary 
  6. Video editing
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