To share various aspects of Braj culture among the general public and to bring the idea of ​​research scholars from the institute to the people in the said context. The Braj Salila magazine is continuously being published since the year 1999. The section has periodicals as its specialties in the astrological tradition, Mahadevi Varma Janmshati, Braj’s Indo-Indigenous litterateur Radhacharan Goswami Vidyavagish, Hariram Vyasa of the Haritrayi tradition, music tradition, forest wealth of Braj, Srichaitanya Mahaprabhu Vrindavan Advent Panchasati numerals and Srimad Bhagavadgita. Rare digits have been published. The RNI-HIN/2003/09636. ISSN No. of Braj Salila has been applied which is at the advance stage of decision making. 

Research Magazine – Braj Salila 

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Dr. Braj Bhushan Chaturvedi
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Articles should include Braj culture. Vaishnava culture, research paper findings etc. 


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The Vrindavan Research Institute is engaged to preserve the Indias Cultaral heritage, by collecting, preserving and publishing rare manu scripts and organizing academic seminars. VRI invites scholars, manuscript holders, and people who deserve to donate this treasure, either in the form of manuscripts, artifacts, or finances, to do so at VRI. VRI is exempted from Section 80G IT Act.1961. VRI in exemption under section DTI 1961. We appeal to the people to contribute and cooperate to save India’s cultural heritage, membership of the Vrindavan Research Society is open to all.

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For any other information, please contact: –
Dr. Braj Bhushan Chaturvedi Research and Publication Assistant and Editor ‘Braj Salila’
Mobile: + 91- 8057697209, Phone- 05652540628
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