The department also currently undertakes projects of survey and documentation on various subjects of Braj culture. In which after preparing research project on different aspects related to Braj culture, visiting different places of Braj and surveying different traditions are documented. Under this scheme, researches have also been done on subjects like ‘Sri Brahmotsavam of Vrindavan’s Rang Mandir’, ‘Vrindavan’s flower-bungalow art’, ‘Vrindavan’s Mallavidya tradition’, ‘Braj’s Tulsikanthimala’ and ‘Braj’s Sanjhi’ etc. . At present the survey work is going on on the ‘festivals of Braj’.

By continuous survey in the direction of recording the unseen aspects of Braj culture, its written and oral tradition and variations reflecting its glorious cultural landscape. The main objective of this section of the section is to benefit research scholars and culture lovers from compilation of references and publications. In the past, work has been done by the institute under the survey scheme on various topics as follows –

                             I. ShriBrahmotsav of Srirang Temple Vrindavan

                             II. Basil Mala of Braj

                             III. Mallavidya tradition of Vrindavan

                             IV.  Braj’s flower bangla art

                             V. The art of Braj

                             VI.  Festival of Braj

                             VII. Unprocessed references to Brajbhasha prose

                             VIII. Folklore of Braj

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